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Zermatt Summit E-mail

Zermatt Summit

Code of good human relations in the workplace E-mail

An initiative of three voluntary workers in civil society supported by the French Ministry for Employment and sponsored by employers’ associations and major universities and schools alumni associations

Improving human relations in the workplace
  • When we talk of individuals in the workplace we think of training, environment, development, fulfilment, productivity, competitiveness, results… but also what often springs to mind is work-related unhappiness and suffering: dealing with people visibly in difficulty, or “damaged”, seems to have priority.
  • Stress in the workplace is caused mainly by relational difficulties with people around us
  • Stress in the workplace is only the negative part of a wider phenomenon which has to do with how we behave at work, a complex interaction of mental, emotional, moral and spiritual factors, and depends on the quality of human relations in the workplace.